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Part 1. Grammar test. (Q1-Q20)

Part 2. Reading test. (Q21-27)

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1. Where __________________ for your next vacation?
2. We must __________________ office supplies very soon.
3. Annie found the souvenirs that __________ she wanted __________ the gift shop.
4. Paul bought an expensive new sports car, but he drives it ________________.
5. Yesterday, Susan asked me ________________.
6. You chose your favorite book, but I _______________ mine yet.
7. I like working in the library because it is ___________________ there.
8. The professor will help you with your assignment this afternoon________________.
9. _______ they want ______________ information about this class?
10. The teacher recommended ______________  the material before the test.
11. Tom was quite tired; ______________ he left the meeting early.
12. Caroline failed the first test, so she worked______________  in order to pass the next one.
13. Heather spent a lot of time ______________  her bedroom, but she decided that she didn’t like the colour at all.
14. Mary enjoyed the meal______________.
15. I was disappointed because our team didn’t play ______________ I had expected.
16. ______________ he had an assignment to finish for tomorrow’s class, Stephen decided to play baseball with his friends instead.
17. William Shakespeare ________________ 400 years ago.
18. Dolphins and whales have lungs, so they _____________ air.
19. What ______________ is not my concern.
20. If I had enough eggs, I _________________ you breakfast.

Read the paragraphs that follow and answer the questions.


For many years now, Patty, aged 27, liked to shop.  Stylish and savvy, a vice president at a large public relations firm, she enjoyed expensive food, jewelry and clothes.  However, for years she battled periods of sadness and endured sudden anxiety attacks.  Her problems worsened when her long-time boyfriend suddenly left her for another woman.  She felt lonely and isolated.  Needing to feel satisfied and fulfilled in some way, Patty started to spend money like there was no tomorrow.

Every day, in an effort to fight her depression, she began to hang out in shopping malls during her lunch hour and after work.  At first, she bought only small items like cosmetics or inexpensive jewelry.  Soon, she was charging huge sums of money on her credit cards, buying designer clothing, shoes and handbags.  Feeling totally out of control, she had a compulsive need to buy whenever she could.  She spent hundreds of dollars on unnecessary items purchased on the cable television shopping channel and from mail-order catalogs.  She was so addicted, that she couldn’t resist buying from the local street vendors.  Within six months, her financial base had deteriorated.  Her friends and family refused to support her financially.  Nothing could stop her spending habits ─ not fear, nor guilt.

Finally, she went to a psychiatrist who diagnosed her symptoms as “shop-a-hol-ism”.  His tactic for treating Patty was one year of intensive group therapy.  Now, after a year of therapy, Patty has found herself out of debt and in control: A recovered shop-a-holic.
21. Patty was feeling  very sad for a long time.  What made things worse for her?
22. From the context of the sentence, what does depression mean?
23. How did Patty’s shopping habits change over time?
24. From the context of the sentence, what does compulsive mean?
25. Which of the following statements is false?
26. What is the reason that Patty engaged in addictive shopping behaviour?
27. Which of the following best describes the author’s main idea?