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Part 1. Grammar test. (Q1-Q30)

Part 2. Reading test. (Q31-35)

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1. He’s from Canada.__________________ name is Mark.
2. Taking a plane to Florida is _______________________ driving there.
3. It’s __________________ umbrella.
4. Please __________ in the class.
5. These are__________________.
6. _________ careful when you cross the street. There are always many cars on the road.
7. How many languages ____________________ ?
8. I ________________ early.
9. I play basketball _________________________.
10. What book ____________ reading now?
11. The library ____________________ at 8 pm on Fridays.
12. What time ______________ she usually get up on the weekend?
13. We ______________________________ at the airport on time, so we _______ the flight.
14. There aren’t ____________ pictures on the wall.
15. ____________ only three students in the class.
16. I think ______________ tomorrow.
17. What’s ________________ beach in this town?
18. My English is ________________ than my friend’s.
19. I’d like _____________ my dad’s car.
20. She ______________ in a café before.
21. If I have enough time, I _________________ call you.
22. He doesn’t mind _____________________ housework in the evenings.
23. She asked her parents ________________ go to the party.
24. They _________________ each other for many years.
25. If I won a lottery, I ______________ very rich.
26. This is the place __________my grandparents got married.
27. How much time do you spend _______ the Internet?
28. Mikeand Monikaused ____________ a lot when they were single.
29. He must _____________hard to get a good mark.
30. You shouldn’t drive _____________ when it’s snowing.
Read the text written by Cheryl, a woman who can’t stop eating chocolate.

Dear Editor,


I know that I have a problem – a big problem. It may sound

funny but it’s very bad for me – for my health and for my life.

What’s the problem? I can’t stop eating chocolate!


I started eating chocolate as a child of course; me and my

sister all ate a lot of different kinds of chocolate. However, my

sisterand I are adults now and I’m the only one who still eats it

a lot. Myparents don’t eat any chocolate at all. Me – I need it every day, and lots of it too.


So, how much do I eat? Well, I have about 10 bars of chocolate a day. My first bar is

at 8 o’clock in the morning, and then I have my last one just before I go to bed.

If the children (and this is terrible, I know) have chocolate in

the house, I take it. When Sarah was eight, someone gave her a box of chocolates for

her birthday. I took the box and then, when she was out playing, I ate some. Then I

ate some more. I finished the whole box! A few days later she said, “Where’s my box

of chocolates?” and I said, “I don’t know”. I know that was very bad. At Christmas we

got a giant family-sized bag of chocolate sweets, and I ate the whole bag on my own in

two days!


I know eating a lot of chocolate is bad for my health. There’s a lot of sugar in all

types of chocolate. There’s also a lot of fat. I think that’s why I have many spots on

my face, and I’m a little overweight too. Sometimes I try to stop but if I don’t have

any, I get very bad headaches. However, as soon as I have some chocolate I feel

better and happier too. I know that it’s also very bad to take and eat chocolate

that’s not mine but I can’t stop myself.


I need help! Please tell me what I can do to stop eating chocolate!


Many thanks,

31. Who is Cheryl writing to?
32. How often do Cheryl’s parents eat chocolate?
33. Sarah is Cheryl’s ________________________.
34. When Cheryl doesn’t eat chocolate, she __________________ .
35. How does Cheryl feel after eating chocolate?