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Highly reputable private schools in Canada directly connect with ZOOM SCHOOL to conduct online classes using the latest technology. It consists of certified teachers who have years of experience in teaching at university, college, accredited private schools, or public school boards. ZOOM-SCHOOL conducts live online classes to deliver education geared towards specific career sectors such as healthcare, engineering, business, and technological fields. We provide strong academic guidance to help students excel in the career of their choice. 

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About Us

We are specializing in secondary school training for students to prepare their further studies in Canada

Our Teachers

Our online courses consist of certified teachers who have years of experience in teaching at university, college, accredited private schools, or public school boards. Our teachers are certified by the Ontario College of Teachers or its equivalent. Teachers are trained to teach in an online environment and are available to assist students throughout the course.

Our Courses

Our courses feature professional animations, videos, visuals, auditory devices, and more for enhanced virtual learning. Our courses allow students to begin on any day of the year and progress through the work entirely at their own pace within our 20 week time limit.                                                                  


We Support.

Our administrative team is available weekdays via telephone, email, or live chat to answer any questions about enrollment, reporting, exams, prerequisites, or any other administrative items. Students are provided with a secure, individual email account that allows them to communicate with their teachers and the ZOOM SCHOOL team.

Let us guide you

Our enthusiastic and experienced academic advisors provide all students a free academic advising service to guide their studies in Canada. We can help you to find a suitable school and to build your reliable study plan. Make an appointment for short live video meeting with us now! 

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Canadian High School Courses

According to academic opinion, students can select available courses and obtain an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). At ZOOM SCHOOL, ministry accredited schools in Canada offer a competitive curriculum to support students obtaining their goal of prestigious university admission. You can have a free trial before enroll your course(s). You will have several choices for each subject that you are interested in. 

Canadian Public College Pathway Program

This 7-week intensive English program is designed for students who have the ultimate goal of attending a public Canadian college. This is an advanced-level program which focuses on providing students with the academic English skills necessary to succeed at the college level.

Our partner public colleges recognize English Language Training Program at our affiliate schools and grant admission to certificate, diploma, advanced diploma and degree programs to graduates. We strives towards opening excellent educational opportunities to its current and prospective students!

AFTER SCHOOL TUTORIALS for International students in Canada

Academic English, Math, Science, French, Essay Writing, and Homework Assistance