Welcome to Zoom School.

ZOOM SCHOOL is specialized in English language
training for students to prepare their further studies
in Canada and US.

ZOOM SCHOOL uses the latest technology to conduct our live online classes. Anywhere with high speed internet service allows students to join our class via tablet, laptop or mobile in anywhere. You can reach your teacher anywhere in the world.

Interactive communicative class.

ZOOM SCHOOL provides real-time online training.

Our courses

are specially designed for students to prepare to study or to work in Canada or US.

Our teachers

have years of experience teaching at university, college or the public school board.

Our curriculum and training systems

are customized by our teachers for each student in their class. Our curriculum is based on the Canadian and US public school standard curriculum. It is just like studying in Canada. In addition, every student is different; therefore, our experienced teachers can provide the most appropriate customized class for ZOOM SCHOOL students.